I am a Chicago native who became a desert-dweller and is now trying to adapt to life as a┬áSoutherner. I operate with Oscar Wilde’s philosophy that “you can never be overdressed or overeducated” and am fueled by bagels and lattes. My students often remark about my Type-A personality and the fact that I never repeat an outfit. Although I love to be outside, my outdoor skills consist of drinking iced beverages on patios and walking up hills to soak in the sun.

My professional identity makes me a DePaul Blue Demon, a double Wildcat (Northwestern and Arizona) and now a Virginia Tech Hokie. Throughout my academic career, I have made it my goal to always bridge education and practice. Being an (older) Millennial, I seek to illuminate the often over-looked positive attributes of this generation and cultivate responsible professional citizens in my students. I am passionate about teaching students and employers alike how to create realistic expectations so they can work harmoniously together.

You can check out my CV and learn more about my work here.