Why Being “Busy” is Ruining Everything For You

This week, I’ve already had two negative encounters with people and their excuse is simply, “I’m really busy.” No apology for their rude behavior, no acknowledgement that I (like everyone else) am also busy, and no regard for anyone but themselves. This is a problem.

If you Google “the busy epidemic” you’ll find over half a million articles outlining why this has become such a problem, and some suggestions for solutions. You can even hashtag how busy you are #busybragging. People use the excuse “I’m busy” as a way to write others off, act unkindly, and perpetuate a society of “haves” and “have-nots.” Here’s the truth: you’re not busy, you’re alive.

You’re working, studying, taking care of people, running errands, working out, socializing – you’re LIVING. So is everyone else. Your attitude of being too busy is ruining your relationships and your chance at professional success and fulfillment. Don’t believe me? Here’s some evidence. The mindset of busy-ness can lead to:

-Increased stress levels, which can have negative physical and emotional effects, according to the American Psychological Association, among others.

-Decreased work performance

Burn out in personal and professional contexts

-Less satisfaction from interpersonal relationships – it’s a two-way street y’all!

An inability to be present

I know that so many of us actually are really busy, and this post is not to discredit all the hard and amazing work we do. However, we don’t need to use being busy as an excuse for isolating ourselves and treating others poorly. The mindset of being overly busy is a lose-lose scenario for all involved. The evidence above is proof that with the help of others, we can all find more success and happiness. Ask yourself why you’re using the excuse “I’m busy” and address issues head on. After all, if you are really busy, do you even have the time to make excuses?


Want more on this topic? Here are some of the best articles (in my opinion, of course):

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Six Reasons You’d Be Happier if you Stopped Saying “Busy” – Washington Post



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